°Celsius Screw Heat Exchangers
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Advantages and disadvantages


The screw heat exchanger has a large number of advantages in comparison to other heat exchangers.

  • Very flexible to control

  • Can be made from almost any construction material

  • Is a continuing process

  • Processing very small granumetric fractions is possible.

  • Processing paste-like masses is possible.

  • "Closed" system (toxics, steam, dust)

  • Energy efficient due to indirect heat transfer

  • Little to no dust formation

  • Easy to clean

  • Buffer possibility


    The screw heat exchanger also has a number of disadvantages in comparison to other heat exchangers.

  • Drying below 1% humidity is possible but hard

  • The maximum ability to evaporate humidity is around 600 l/h.

  • Cannot be applied to a product that is large and/or sensitive to breaking

  • Sticking and scaling of the product to the heat transferring surface

  • Relatively low heat transfer coefficient

  • In case of leakage thermal medium in the product

    Technical design