°Celsius Screw Heat Exchangers
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Which way of Cooling is most suitable, depends on the final temperature which must be realized and on the required velocity of back Cooling. Through indirect Cooling a temperature up to -10C can be realized.

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There are countless applications, the technology is the same: the Screw heat exchanger

The screw heat exchanger is produced in various sizes depending on what the process requires and the space available. There are variations in length as well as in diameter. The construction materials used are matched to the requirements of the product or the wishes of the customer. Different thermal fluids are used to supply or remove energy. For Cooling for example: water, glycol, liquid...

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Thermal projects

We regularly combine all our disciplines. Our 3D engineering enables us to fuse separate components together into clever thermal components and thermal and logistical processes. A combination of heating, drying, Cooling, transporting, dosing and buffering, all under one roof. One stop shopping.

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Keeping temperature

To garantee a fixed temperature there is a need for Cooling or heating. To do this water or thermal oil is used.

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